[IronPython] Any working sample with SL2B2 control library ?

Jul 22, 2008 at 1:23 PM

Just to tell that finding a real working sample explaining how to build a DSL project based on SL2B2 controls (button, grid...) is a real pain today :)

Many samples on the web are on SL2B1 and don't works. It's really hard to learn DSL programming without this kind of simple example. Ok for classic silverlight (Rectangle and so on), but we definitely needs to work with SL2 controls, and custom library. Could you please put a little sample somewhere on how to do this ? and how to add custom dll in the mix ?

I'm trying to use custom library too, and this is pretty hard to learn how to do it  just because no samples are really working somewhere.

Thanks a lot for your help !