DLR Console control

Mar 22, 2009 at 11:07 AM
Hi Jimmy,

We have created a free MatLab-like online tool based on Silverlight and Ironpython. It uses a parser to convert MatLab scripts to ironpython (www.db5dynamics.com/silverlab_beta1/Default.htm).

Now we use HTML and javascript to mimic the feeling of the console and the code editor but I've found it hard to make the UI work well in all browsers. So now I'll try to remove as much of the HTML and Javascript as possible and create a Silverlight only interface. This is to avoid strange behaviour in some browsers.

So, I really like the design you have for the DLR-console application but I can't understand how you guys made it. I asked you some months ago about it and you told me you used HTML-controls with <input type="text"> as the console input field.  But the Silverlight application takes upp 100% of the browser window so I can't understand how you've used HTML? You don't use xaml-code to create the interface either so I don't understand how you made it.

But if you can point me in the right direction how you created it I would be more than happy.

The console behaviour I'm looking are, among other things:

-The console "history" text should be selectable (as you have it).
-The console "history" should be able to show text in different colors.

I can't see how to combine those things with the silverlight controls available today. But since you guys made it it must be possible in some way.

Thanks for any help!


May 27, 2009 at 9:17 PM

Ah, there's been some confusion. the "DLR-console" is a sample that is written completely with Silverlight UI, though it doesn't use XAML, it creates the object hierarchy through code (eg. t = System.Windows.Controls.TextBlock()). Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight.Repl is a console which uses HTML and can be embedded in any application.

DLRConsole was written back when there were no controls for Silverlight, so all the controls were written by hand in app.py. I would suggest you use NONE of those =)

For the text, this might be interesting: http://www.vectorlight.net/silverlight_rich_textbox_demo.aspx